The Kelley House

The most iconic & historic hotel on Martha’s Vineyard

At the height of the whaling era, Edgartown was home to more than 100 sea captains who built grand homes with fortunes earned at sea. After 275 years, these six houses, a famed American tavern, bucolic amenities, and seaside views endow this alluring retreat with the same restful ease and leisurely magnetism that have made it famous across New England.

A new chapter begins for one of America's most storied hotels

The Kelley House opened its doors 300 years ago and predates the Boston Tea Party, when Martha's Vineyard was a colonial settlement for whalers and America had yet come into being. The original hotel was established in 1742 as The Tavern, a point of respite and refreshment for sailors, but has remained a lodging destination ever since. As the thriving days of whaling glory progressed, so did the property's expanse, ultimately encompassing six homes. With an eye towards embracing a bit of 21st century convenience, but a penchant for honoring the centuries of history that make this property a treasure, Blue Flag is committed to assuring that The Kelley House will remain a cultural anchor in Edgertown for years to come.

Ushering in transformative, tech-friendly travel on Martha's Vineyard

Given the property's history as a home for global seafaring navigators, Blue Flag's partnership with Life House Hotels represents a marriage of 21st century operational acumen and thoughtfully rooted design. From exquisite beaches, sought-after dining, and an unparalleled sense of character to the property's private pool, beckoning guest room views, and award-winning dining, The Kelley House is an unmatched center point. The hotel's next era will convey a sense of continuity by way of convenience, so that it remains a living landmark for all that makes Martha's Vineyard so special. .